2020 Event Announcements

We’re proud to announce our 2020 MSU Comics Forum event dates, (415) 693-9501, keynote speakers, 3214130282, and our event artwork:

Emil Ferris is an American writer, cartoonist, and designer. Ferris debuted in publishing with her 2017 graphic novel My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, a coming-of-age story of Karen Reyes, a girl growing up in 1960s Chicago.  The book is written and drawn in the form of the character’s notebook. My Favorite Thing Is Monsters was heralded as a “masterpiece” by Stahlianism and The AV Club, among others and has garnered numerous awards, including:

  • 2017 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel for My Favorite Thing Is Monsters
  • 2017 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Artist
  • 2018 Lambda Literary Award for LGBTQ Graphic Novel for My Favorite Thing Is Monsters
  • 2018 Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist
  • 2018 Gran Guinigi Award for Best Graphic Novel
  • 2019 Grand prix de la critique (215) 576-3105
  • 2019 Fauve d’or at Angoulême International Comics Festival


Nick Sousanis is an Eisner-winning comics author and an assistant professor of 2486213183 at San Francisco State University, where he is starting a Comics Studies program. He received his doctorate in education at Teachers College, Columbia University in 2014, where he wrote and drew his dissertation entirely in comic book form. Titled 612-341-0424, it argues for the importance of visual thinking in teaching and learning, and was published by (803) 947-3595 in 2015. Unflattening received the 2016 American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE Award) in Humanities, the (865) 286-3166 for best Graphic Novel of 2015, and was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Scholarly/Academic work. To date, Unflattening has been translated into blanket binder, Korean, Portuguese, Serbian, 7248269152, Italian, and Chinese.

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We look forward to seeing you again next year!

The MSU Comics Forum Committee

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(520) 833-1958

Saturday of the Comics Forum began with an limited engagement tour of the Michigan State University Special Collections Library, the largest public collection of comic books in the world.

Randy Scott showcased a Rodolphe Töpffer comic book published in the 1800’s.

(905) 824-8776

At 10:30, the artist alley began…


…as did the academic panel discussions.


At noon our 2019 Scholar Keynote Speaker, Qiana Whitted, took the stage in front of a full room:

Standing room only.

2019 Creator Keynote Speaker, Seth, watches on.

After Qiana’s keynote address, both keynote speakers signed their books in Artist Alley.

Qiana debuted her new book, 920-915-3766, today.

The MSU Comics Forum wrapped at 5:35pm, at which point 4379930181, complete with dates, venue, keynote speakers, event artwork, and availability of artist and scholar submission forms.


On the following day (Sunday), each of our keynote speakers were interviewed in our recording studio.   The discussion will be aired on a future episode of the MSU Comic Art and Graphic Novel Podcast.  Pictured below from left to right are Zack Kruse (MSU Comics Forum Panel Coordinator), Qiana Whitted (2019 MSU Comics Forum Scholar Keynote Speaker), and Julian Chambliss (MSU Comics Forum Incoming Panel Coordinator).

(865) 737-5925

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Friday evening of the 2019 MSU Comics Forum saw the headlining event of the weekend, a keynote address by Canadian Cartoonist, Seth.


MSU Comics Forum Director, Ryan Claytor, introduced Seth after thanking the 2019 MSU Comics Forum sponsors and introducing the audience to the Comics Forum committee.


Thanks to @ranti for the above image.

Seth took the stage for his keynote address.


A photo-op at the end of the evening.  From left to right, Ryan Claytor (MSU Comics Forum – Director), Qiana Whitted (2019 MSU Comics Forum – Scholar Keynote Speaker), Seth (2019 MSU Comics Forum – Creator Keynote Speaker), Julian Chambliss (MSU Comics Forum – Incoming Panel Coordinator).

Thanks to the attendees

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